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Natural Detoxification Treatment

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of the most successful drug rehabilitation centers in the world that is continuously benefiting people internationally. At the successful completion of Narconon program, people involve themselves in healthier activities instead of taking drugs. Narconon is operating in almost 40 countries of the world. The prime objective of Narconon as drug rehab nonprofit organization is to make the world drugs free.  The success of Narconon programs is mirrored in the popularity and the appreciation; it has received around the globe.

Narconon Sunshine Summit Program Objectives

The main goal of Narconon Sunshine Summit is to make the victim of drugs strong and powerful enough to release stress without the aid of chemicals and drugs. It encourages tension free life involving oneself into healthier activities. Narconon drug rehabilitation center is located at a peaceful place and provides an environment to the patients to meditate peacefully without the temptation of city life. The clients at Narconon travel smoothly all the stages of the drug rehab program producing wonderful results.

Effective Solutions that Correspond with the Real Needs

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge Program has employed the best medical experts and physicians to cater the problems of the addicted persons. Addiction of drugs and alcohol is formed in two ways. It may be adopted as learned behavior and secondly physical habituation for drugs. In order to cater these problems, a strong will and proper treatment are vitally important to get freedom from urges for drugs. Narconon program focuses all these things and produces the best restoration results.

Natural Detoxification

Unlike other drug rehabilitation programs, at Narconon Sunshine the experts and trainers do not rely on drug or chemicals for treatment of the patients. No doubt we give the addicts nutritional supplements but they are not synthetic. Simply exercises and sauna treatments are provided for detoxification of body.

A Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

Narconon program treats clients as students and not addicts. The program comprises educational courses and recreational activities in order to guide students in the right direction. The social interaction activities are also the part of the program. As a result, every graduate of Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge becomes a responsible citizen of society. At Sunshine lodge, we do not follow any medical treatment; only mild exercises are being practiced here. Instead of following the old trodden paths rehabilitation from drugs, we devise innovation techniques for a solid and full recovery of an addicted person.


Through especially created techniques for drug rehabilitation, Narconon Fresh Start is admired all over the world and its pattern of working is followed by many other rehab institutions. The patients treated at Sunshine Summit Lodge develop a strong resistance against drugs and alcohol. The confidence building measures adopted at Sunshine convince the patients to take interest in life and restore to their normal routine within a period of few months.

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Narconon Locations

Narconon Locations

Ever since opening its doors in 1966, the Narconon Fresh Start program has been devoted to saving valued lives of mankind from the devastation of alcohol and drugs all over the world. Currently, Narconon drug rehabilitation centers are serving as life savior programs in over 40 countries in 6 continents.


Due to its exemplary and commendable success tempo, the Narconon program after being established across the United States is now flourishing and booming in other parts of the world. The most fundamental cause of such laudable success is that the Narconon programs are fighting against any type of substance abuse. The proficient counselors, specialist doctors and expert psychiatric consultants are dealing their clients with absolute potential and devotion. Due to this fact 7 out of 10 graduates from Narconon rehabilitation centers are able to lead a healthy, drug-free and sober life after treatment.

Narconon locations in United States
In United States, currently Narconon program is functioning at about 100 locations in more than 30 different states. The few of these centers and their locations are as follows:

The former Narconon foundation
The first step towards combat against drug and alcohol was initiated in Arizona State Penitentiary with its central office located in Phoenix, Arizona. The former residential Narconon program started its services in Los Angeles, California in 1972.

The largest residential Narconon Arrowhead center
The biggest residential program that is curing and producing largest number of graduates is Narconon Arrowhead. It constitutes of over 100 dedicated personnel and is able to accommodate and treat nearly 200 clients at a time. 

The Sunshine Summit Lodge at San Diego County
The Sunshine Summit Lodge, which is well-known for addressing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, is located in close proximity to the famed Warner Hot Springs in the majestic hills of Northern San Diego County. The cozy and comfy lodge is covering an area of 40 acres and is situated 35 miles away from the city of Temecula. Far from the rowdy and raucous city atmosphere, the Narconon Fresh Start is facilitating its clients from abusive drugs and alcoholic substances in a calming and comforting countryside.

Narconon Vista Bay and its three sites
The most successful and highly rated program is Narconon Vista Bay. To meet the environmental needs of individuals, it is situated at three places i.e. Santa Cruz, South Lake Tahoe and Placerville.

Narconon Colorado
Narconon Colorado is positioned at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The scenery vibes plays an important role in influencing the addict’s behavior.

Narconon Freedom Center
Narconon Freedom Center is covering an area of 10 acres. The center has separate wings for both males and females. Narconon also operates a drug education and prevention program in New England.

Narconon is a world-wide solution for handling drug abuse. Throughout the world, the Narconon Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program provides drug and alcohol treatment services in many languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Nepalese and Taiwanese.

Sunshine Summit Lodge Reviews

Sunshine Summit Lodge Reviews

Sunshine Summit Lodge is situated in the heart of mountains and offers a peaceful environment. The scenic beauty and the calm environment impart a feeling of serenity which is helpful in treating patients more effectively. Sunshine Summit is one of the most renowned and successful drug rehabilitation centers, enjoying 76% success rate. The addicts who seek treatment for their addiction prefer Sunshine Lodge as they know that through our best rehabilitation services a number of people recover back to normal and addiction free life.

Rehabilitation with Solid Results 

Thousands of our clients have successfully recovered at Sunshine Summit Lodge. The one who wishes to get rid of bad habit of drug addiction come to Sunshine Summit Lodge in search of a complete rehabilitation and Sunshine never disappoints. It is no doubt difficult yet possible to overcome the addiction problem. Narconon has been admired by many graduates and their guardians and parents too. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program gives the positive diversion to the patients’ minds. It is made possible with the help of recreational as well as educational activities;

The Rehab Procedure Followed at Sunshine Summit 

At the outset of the treatment, the clients have no idea to sort out their past issues and problems without aid of drug or alcohol. The dedicated team members of Sunshine Summit Lodge help addicts emotionally, physically and spiritually and regain th strength and positive inclinations which they have lost. It takes time but it is possible to revert to positive and healthy life if they patients go on with the various stages of our rehab program.

Effective and Meaningful Approach

The most admirable gesture of Sunshine Summit Lodge is that, here clients are treated as students not as patients. Similarly, they are not told by the team that they are having disease rather they are encouraged to overcome their own problems by trusting in their own inbuilt powers. Here, they are taught to develop self confidence and good decision makers. You will appreciate our techniques which we use to treat our clients. Narconon experts treat patients psychologically with the help of cognitive modification technique. At the end of their recovery, they have strong hold upon themselves which in return maintains their positive directions in their lives.


The secret behind the success of Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is devotion and efficiency of its experts. Narconon is a nonprofit organization that aims to help people live a drugs free life and temptation for them. Our drug rehabilitation programs are immensely productive and help gain the lost momentum of a spirited normal life. Narconon Fresh Start believes in addicts’ mental, physical and spiritual success; all of our drug rehabilitation programs are reviewed thoroughly in order to bring more positive change in patients’ personalities. Sunshine Summit Lodge is helping the drug victims with proper care and treatment for the last many decades and has obtained a global recognition for its endeavors.

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Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit


Narconon provides its clients a calm and healthy environment for restoration of their health and positive way of life. The definitive goal of Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit is to aid people to get off with the urge for drugs, strengthen their will power against them and get rid of addiction for good. The program consists of 12 step treatment plan which helps people recover from their depressing and unhealthy situations due to overuse of alcohol or substance abuse.

How does Narconon operate?

Narconon is an internationally recognized organization which operates in all continents. In Narconon Fresh Start, the experts use medically approved methods for removing toxins from body in a harmless way. We also provide supplements to the patients to make them feel healthy. We improve the communication skills of our clients and help them in socializing with other people confidently. Detoxification at Narconon facility involves the use of nutrients, moderate exercises and perspiration, along with intake of plenty of water that removes toxins easily. We thoroughly educate our clients about the impacts of drugs on their bodies, minds and health; consequently they refrain from indulging that habit again.

Spiritual Motivation

Narconon aims at drug free revival of the body without using medicines. Although Narconon is not a religious organization yet we deem it necessary that the indulgence of faith is tremendously helpful in restoring positive tendencies in people who use drugs to get relaxed. Hence our experts motivate clients spiritually and involve their hearts and spirits to get rid of their dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Mental Therapy
The addicted persons usually suffer from the changes in brain due to chemicals present in the drugs which destroys the normal working of the body. Removing trauma from the patient’s mind is always difficult. We apply different therapies which bring peace to addicts’ minds and impart them confidence to adopt a changed behaviour.

High Success Rate

The recovery from the addiction is very difficult but the Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge makes it easy and peaceful. The presence of beautiful surroundings relaxes our clients and helps them think positive to conquer the negative urges in them. Once the treatment is complete, Sunshine Summit Lodge gives surety that the person will not go back to addiction. This is the reason that people trust our rehabilitation programs. Other rehabs are 10 to 20 % successful but Narconon’s success rate is 76 %.  It is the focal point of all our rehabs facilities round the globe.


Narconon believes that the sufferings drug addicts can be changed with mental, physical and spiritual therapy. It takes, however, time to turn the wheel to a constructive and positive drugs free life. Under proper supervision and treatment at Narconon facilities, this goal is not a distant dream. Narconon Fresh Start is a proper detoxification treatment plan guaranteeing remarkable results.

Narconon Drugs Rehab Centers


Narconon international is a nonprofit organization based in California that follows the philosophy and techniques of L. Ron Hubbard in drug rehabilitation. The programs at Narconon make it possible for the people to get back to their normal life leaving behind addiction. Numerous people have completed the Narconon treatment successfully. Our programs comprise mental and physical activities that engage easily the attention of addicts and help them overcome the temptation they feel for using alcohol and drugs. Unlike other rehab organizations, patients feel more confident, stable and healthy at the marvelous facilities of Narconon.

Narconon International Services
Narconon International has played an important role for saving families from collapse by restoring their dear ones from drug addiction. Narconon helped them efficiently, leading them to dynamic, stable, civilized and drug free life. Narconon has made its mark among drug rehabilitation organizations since its inception. It enjoys now a trustworthy reputation. Narconon has more than 120 centres in more than 30 countries.

Sauna Detoxification
The most exclusive part of Narconon drug rehabilitation program is the use of sauna sweat detoxification; this allows the removal of drugs and toxins from the body, in the form of sweat or perspiration and frees the addicts’ body from drug effects. This is done by doing the physical exercise, using nutrients and getting sweat in dry and little heat saunas, while drinking lot of water for reducing the chances of dehydration.

Objectives and Work Mechanics
Narconon fresh start international programs include the provision of resident facilities and treatment for the drug abuse. However we focus particularly the training for living the drug free life, removal of the toxins from the body and strategies for its preventions. A keen attention is also laid on providing drug usage prevention through public awareness programs. The staff Narconon is available 24/7 to attend people suffering addiction. Our personnel is always efficient and keeps a vigilant eye on all patients to avoid any possible mishap.

Mandatory Staff Training 

It is necessary for the staff to complete the compulsory training recognized by the department of Mental and Health Substances and Abuse Services Oklahoma (ODMHSAS) and CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). The staffs which are specified for the removal of the toxins gets training for the physical signs of extraction, taking of the important signs and proposition of those signs and caretaking of the emergency procedures. They are also trained for the being certified as behavioral health case managers and training and getting recognize as peer recovery support specialist.

The Narconon drugs rehab centers are the well-equipped institutions that have earned worldwide respect for their unmatched drug rehabilitation programs. They provide the drug rehabilitation treatment in a nontraditional, non institutional way and provide also full internship facilities for the professionals interested in serving in this organization.

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Narconon Fresh Start Program

Narconon Fresh Start Program
Narconon implying no drugs is an organization aiming at restoring addicted people back to a sobriety that will last forever. This organization is completely non profit and has many rehab centers working relieve the distress addicts across the globe. Narconon offers rehabilitation of addicts and alcoholics introducing its fresh start program divided into many steps to obtain the required results i.e. to make addicts quit the addiction.

The fresh start program is a successful approach to cure the clients until they find the normal physical, mental and spiritual clear state necessary to remain sane and sober in the social circle once they got educated from a narconon rehab center. The fresh start program is based on taking addicts not as patients rather they are the students who through various steps of the program are given education about living a drug free and sober life; after the completion of the course, they are the graduates who are offered either to serve narconon rehab center voluntarily or else go back home.

In fresh star program, the body purification course is being exercised by an addict helping him to release the toxins residuals accumulated in the body tissues, when the withdrawal symptoms anxiety, anger, frustration, and craving for dug occur in a client, the supervisor or counselor help him/her addressing the adverse effects his addiction has caused him/her. With nutritional supplements, vitamins and mineral based beverages, clients get enable to overcome his craving for the drug. The communication courses being helpful provide an outlet to the feelings and doubts or fears residing in the hearts of a client. The students are given lectures about the harms and disadvantages of drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and many others. The ups and downs in life course teaching the client the winds and hurdles a client may have to go through after recovery from addiction problem. The other life skills training courses helping clients to live an upright and uplifted life once they become graduates from a narconon center. All this process of rehabilitation takes place in a drug free treatment means no dugs are given to replace the abused drug.

Fresh start program resulting positively make it possible to believe the truthfulness and worthiness of its services. Clients after being graduates through Narconon Fresh Start Reviews Program have remarked the program a success as enabling them to live a better drug free life with a better understanding and outlook.