Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Narconon Drugs Rehab Centers


Narconon international is a nonprofit organization based in California that follows the philosophy and techniques of L. Ron Hubbard in drug rehabilitation. The programs at Narconon make it possible for the people to get back to their normal life leaving behind addiction. Numerous people have completed the Narconon treatment successfully. Our programs comprise mental and physical activities that engage easily the attention of addicts and help them overcome the temptation they feel for using alcohol and drugs. Unlike other rehab organizations, patients feel more confident, stable and healthy at the marvelous facilities of Narconon.

Narconon International Services
Narconon International has played an important role for saving families from collapse by restoring their dear ones from drug addiction. Narconon helped them efficiently, leading them to dynamic, stable, civilized and drug free life. Narconon has made its mark among drug rehabilitation organizations since its inception. It enjoys now a trustworthy reputation. Narconon has more than 120 centres in more than 30 countries.

Sauna Detoxification
The most exclusive part of Narconon drug rehabilitation program is the use of sauna sweat detoxification; this allows the removal of drugs and toxins from the body, in the form of sweat or perspiration and frees the addicts’ body from drug effects. This is done by doing the physical exercise, using nutrients and getting sweat in dry and little heat saunas, while drinking lot of water for reducing the chances of dehydration.

Objectives and Work Mechanics
Narconon fresh start international programs include the provision of resident facilities and treatment for the drug abuse. However we focus particularly the training for living the drug free life, removal of the toxins from the body and strategies for its preventions. A keen attention is also laid on providing drug usage prevention through public awareness programs. The staff Narconon is available 24/7 to attend people suffering addiction. Our personnel is always efficient and keeps a vigilant eye on all patients to avoid any possible mishap.

Mandatory Staff Training 

It is necessary for the staff to complete the compulsory training recognized by the department of Mental and Health Substances and Abuse Services Oklahoma (ODMHSAS) and CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). The staffs which are specified for the removal of the toxins gets training for the physical signs of extraction, taking of the important signs and proposition of those signs and caretaking of the emergency procedures. They are also trained for the being certified as behavioral health case managers and training and getting recognize as peer recovery support specialist.

The Narconon drugs rehab centers are the well-equipped institutions that have earned worldwide respect for their unmatched drug rehabilitation programs. They provide the drug rehabilitation treatment in a nontraditional, non institutional way and provide also full internship facilities for the professionals interested in serving in this organization.

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