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Sunshine Summit Lodge Reviews

Sunshine Summit Lodge Reviews

Sunshine Summit Lodge is situated in the heart of mountains and offers a peaceful environment. The scenic beauty and the calm environment impart a feeling of serenity which is helpful in treating patients more effectively. Sunshine Summit is one of the most renowned and successful drug rehabilitation centers, enjoying 76% success rate. The addicts who seek treatment for their addiction prefer Sunshine Lodge as they know that through our best rehabilitation services a number of people recover back to normal and addiction free life.

Rehabilitation with Solid Results 

Thousands of our clients have successfully recovered at Sunshine Summit Lodge. The one who wishes to get rid of bad habit of drug addiction come to Sunshine Summit Lodge in search of a complete rehabilitation and Sunshine never disappoints. It is no doubt difficult yet possible to overcome the addiction problem. Narconon has been admired by many graduates and their guardians and parents too. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program gives the positive diversion to the patients’ minds. It is made possible with the help of recreational as well as educational activities;

The Rehab Procedure Followed at Sunshine Summit 

At the outset of the treatment, the clients have no idea to sort out their past issues and problems without aid of drug or alcohol. The dedicated team members of Sunshine Summit Lodge help addicts emotionally, physically and spiritually and regain th strength and positive inclinations which they have lost. It takes time but it is possible to revert to positive and healthy life if they patients go on with the various stages of our rehab program.

Effective and Meaningful Approach

The most admirable gesture of Sunshine Summit Lodge is that, here clients are treated as students not as patients. Similarly, they are not told by the team that they are having disease rather they are encouraged to overcome their own problems by trusting in their own inbuilt powers. Here, they are taught to develop self confidence and good decision makers. You will appreciate our techniques which we use to treat our clients. Narconon experts treat patients psychologically with the help of cognitive modification technique. At the end of their recovery, they have strong hold upon themselves which in return maintains their positive directions in their lives.


The secret behind the success of Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is devotion and efficiency of its experts. Narconon is a nonprofit organization that aims to help people live a drugs free life and temptation for them. Our drug rehabilitation programs are immensely productive and help gain the lost momentum of a spirited normal life. Narconon Fresh Start believes in addicts’ mental, physical and spiritual success; all of our drug rehabilitation programs are reviewed thoroughly in order to bring more positive change in patients’ personalities. Sunshine Summit Lodge is helping the drug victims with proper care and treatment for the last many decades and has obtained a global recognition for its endeavors.

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