Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit


Narconon provides its clients a calm and healthy environment for restoration of their health and positive way of life. The definitive goal of Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit is to aid people to get off with the urge for drugs, strengthen their will power against them and get rid of addiction for good. The program consists of 12 step treatment plan which helps people recover from their depressing and unhealthy situations due to overuse of alcohol or substance abuse.

How does Narconon operate?

Narconon is an internationally recognized organization which operates in all continents. In Narconon Fresh Start, the experts use medically approved methods for removing toxins from body in a harmless way. We also provide supplements to the patients to make them feel healthy. We improve the communication skills of our clients and help them in socializing with other people confidently. Detoxification at Narconon facility involves the use of nutrients, moderate exercises and perspiration, along with intake of plenty of water that removes toxins easily. We thoroughly educate our clients about the impacts of drugs on their bodies, minds and health; consequently they refrain from indulging that habit again.

Spiritual Motivation

Narconon aims at drug free revival of the body without using medicines. Although Narconon is not a religious organization yet we deem it necessary that the indulgence of faith is tremendously helpful in restoring positive tendencies in people who use drugs to get relaxed. Hence our experts motivate clients spiritually and involve their hearts and spirits to get rid of their dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Mental Therapy
The addicted persons usually suffer from the changes in brain due to chemicals present in the drugs which destroys the normal working of the body. Removing trauma from the patient’s mind is always difficult. We apply different therapies which bring peace to addicts’ minds and impart them confidence to adopt a changed behaviour.

High Success Rate

The recovery from the addiction is very difficult but the Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge makes it easy and peaceful. The presence of beautiful surroundings relaxes our clients and helps them think positive to conquer the negative urges in them. Once the treatment is complete, Sunshine Summit Lodge gives surety that the person will not go back to addiction. This is the reason that people trust our rehabilitation programs. Other rehabs are 10 to 20 % successful but Narconon’s success rate is 76 %.  It is the focal point of all our rehabs facilities round the globe.


Narconon believes that the sufferings drug addicts can be changed with mental, physical and spiritual therapy. It takes, however, time to turn the wheel to a constructive and positive drugs free life. Under proper supervision and treatment at Narconon facilities, this goal is not a distant dream. Narconon Fresh Start is a proper detoxification treatment plan guaranteeing remarkable results.

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