Sunday, 30 June 2013

Drug Rehab, The Savvy Swindler

Once upon a time the sole purpose of rehabilitation centre was to help, straying addicts, get a fresh start. Due to the capitalistic nature of the modern day, and due to the greed of opportunists, this facility has been transformed into an enterprise.

Now the question is; what is the role of an enterprise? An enterprise serves to make profit. An enterprise consists of savvy venture capitalists, which jump on an opportunity to make money. In the process, these venture capitalists swindle the stake holders or investors out of their money. The purpose of a swindler is to scam. So how is it that these health care facilities have transformed into the “savvy swindler?” It’s really simple; almost all drug rehab plans rely on advertising. Where false claims are propagated and fabricated success stories of cures are told by paid actors. This is followed up by ratification of the claims using; farcical statistics and corroborated by charlatan medical practitioners. The next question is; why are they are a scam. Rehab programs are labeled as a scam by virtue of their non specific treatment, inadequate medical facilities, residential facilities, and their false claims.

The above described approach is used to lure patients, who probably have nowhere else to go. This tactic would be fine as long as the method of treatment or the recovery program was authentic, adequate, and was patient specific. Sadly some of these programs deviate from institutionally accredited methods of treatment and have their own controversial recovery programs.  

In most cases these iterating inadequate, so called, recovery programs deteriorate the condition of the addict. The inadequate medical support, their controversial practices, and their redundant methods of treatments; only serve to prolong the recovery of the addict, which incurs a greater cost on the addict. Similarly another approach adopted by rehab programs to swindle people, is the concept of recovering patient. This concept revolves around the idea that a complete cure is not possible, as drug addiction is not similar to other medicinal conditions. This increase in cost is incurred due to more number of tests, longer stay at residential facilities, and longer period of medical consultation. 

However not all hope is lost, there are cost effective rehab programs, which offer treatments with flexible durations. Even before you enroll in their facilities they assess you and analyze your physical, mental and physiological conditions. Only then do programs, like Narconon Fresh Start, suggest a specific treatment method. That may incorporate detox, followed by a holistic treatment coupled with mental cognitive therapy and physical therapy. Narconon Fresh Start has been institutionally accredited and its statistical claims have been verified. Narconon Fresh Start offers a six month money back guarantee. Narconon believes in constantly updating its treatment methods and therefore conducts extensive R & D.

You do not want to be admitted in a facility that treats you longer than necessary. You, also do not want to pay more than what is necessary. Avoid rehab scams, that take advantage of your situation by propagating high sounding phrases. There exists a path to complete recovery, the duration depends on you!

Monday, 24 June 2013


The word cure refers to the complete and permanent removal of particular irresistible desire of body for the drugs. The society considers this word as a rehabilitation of the person, reviving him back to the productive, honest, mature person of the society.  Many different rehabilitation centres has been helping out people to take the people out of the darkness of addiction and bring new colors in their life.

But the family of the addict are always concerned about that whether their near and dear will be able to get the cure or not, because the hope of light is getting bleak due to different frauds and scams taking place with the name of different fake rehabilitation centers. The hope and trust is shattered by the avalanche of false solutions and fake information.

The numerous drug regulation agencies use different drugs that cause hallucination and suppress the need of drugs, although continuous use of such drugs causes psychosis. Different common scams are usually used by the fake rehabilitation centers, they claim to cure the addiction, but usually addiction is not cured, the actual rehab helps the addict in learning to cope with the cravings. They usually claim that herbs cure the detoxification but it’s not 100 percent reliable, to remove the toxins require proper systemized way of treatment along with herbs and supplements for proper cure is required. The addiction can never be cured or removed from the addict’s personality in just few days, so those who allege such sort of treatments, are usually fake. The bold claim of the curing the high number of the people is usually not possible, many odds are always there.

It is very important to keep few things in the mind while going for the treatment in particular rehab. The length of the treatment offered, it usually continues to several months, and this lengthy treatment assures the full treatment, as the treatment consists of different stages, working on different aspects of the patient’s personality, the qualified staff depicts the success rate of that particular rehabilitation centre.

There are many people in the world willing to take care of the people and to bring them out of the miseries, Narconon Fresh Start is one of those rehab centers that fulfills all the qualities required for the successful rehab centre. Its treatment is systematic and according to the individual needs, it first of all, improves the health of the addict and then devises the way for its grooming and character building which helps in overcoming the cravings for the drug and transforms the person in to the total new individual with high spirits. The graduated person is always productive for the society and a well being for the mankind. It guarantees the rehabilitation and confirms to be more authentic in its claims.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Best Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Narconon has removed all the misconceptions and proved that a  person can be reverted back to normal life once get addicted, by graduating the healthy normal student, who has been leading normal life.Different rehabs provide different types of treatment for curing the addiction, Narconon provides such treatment which does not take the addiction as an ailment, they take this as a bad habit which can be easily removed from the person life by teaching the basic and important phases of life, making the student, more mature, skilled and focused. This edges out Narconon then other rehabs and makes it the best and successful drug rehabilitation program.

The dedication of Narconon can be anticipated by their consecrated action in helping out the people who have been indulged into the addiction due to many reasons. Narconon is a non-profit drug rehabilitation program, which is tirelessly working to cure the people who have been involved with drug addiction. Over 100 drug rehabilitation centres have been developed so that it can help out millions of needy people.

Alcohol and drugs a curse

The outcome of using alcohol and drugs are disastrous. It has been proved fatal for many people and ruined many lives. It has ruined the society, drowned person’s career, destroyed the healthy relations. Turned the gentleman into the prisoner. The addiction of drug is not restricted to particular sect of people, every one falls a prey to addiction. Addiction can be due to many reasons, including  bad company, by the over usage of any medicine or just for sake of pomp and show.

Narconon providing the drug free life

the procedure conducted by the Narconon fresh start is  totally drug free, it uses natural ways to detoxify, along with the provision of the nutrients and supplements to the body which has been lost during the addiction,  while many other drug rehabilitation centres uses the substitutes for drugs which inhabits the cravings for the drugs. Thus Narconon is health friendly drug rehabilitation program that cure the people by providing the social education model for rehabilitation.

Narconon way of treating patients

Narconon never consider and treat people as patients rather they consider them as “students”.
Which learn to have control on themselves and their life. The person enrolled in Narconon, is provided full medical facilities, with periodic checkup, to keep an eye on the recovery and needs of the particular student. The main aim of accommodation of students in Narconon is to make them learn what they do not know, or understand about life rather than treating their illness, as the addiction is the mind game, the person dependency on drugs is due to the taking over of drugs on thebrain, but when the person learn the tactics of controlling according to its own will then he will be able to throw away the demand of addiction.

Effective drug rehabilitation program

Narconon has devised such way for removing the addiction, which is very effective, and healthy. Narconon has provided such a peaceful environment, which soothes the depression and anxiety of the student. The addiction affects the mental states of the person, different psychological therapies are provided by the Narconon expert who boosts the confidence up in the person and the will power of the person is improved which solves the 50 percent of treatment. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews is fully equipped with all the basic elements for the student for successful rehabilitation.

It uses many courses which improve the skills for leading the successful life in the society like social grouping, communication building, gaming, sauna practices and other healthy activities which motivate the person towards the positive learning, removing the guilt, shame, and low esteem from the personality. The person becomes motivated, sets goals for one self, and plays an important role in the society. 

The dedicated staff enables the enrolled student to lead a drug free successful life. That brings the tremendous change in the life of the addict and their families. Unlike many other alcohol and drug treatment methods, Narconon treatment enables the graduates to lead the stable, successful, drug free life.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - A Comprehensive Rehab Program

Narconon Fresh Start program gives the alcoholics and drug addicts a new life. The addicts are not considered here as patients but as students. The different courses taught at Narconon help build a responsible and positive behavior. The addicts are not treated with the medicines rather they are given dietary supplements and vitamins to restore their health and enable them to fight against their urges and compulsions.

A comprehensive program

Narconon Fresh Start is a comprehensive program that follows a compact rehab strategy. It is not a time-bound treatment plan. The program is completed within three to four months time but it may prolong according to state of the clients. Usually the program comprises four steps and has a success rate of 76%. At Narconon rehabilitation center, each of the individual is given special attention. Each of the case is monitored by a case supervisor who observes development in the client’s addictive behavior. The supervisors act also counselors and guide the clients to combat the results of drug withdrawal.

Educational and ethical training

The clients are called as students in the rehabilitation center. They are provided with the educational training comprising of developing good behavior and attaining healthy life style. For a comprehensive treatment, the addicts must have ability to discuss his problem with his counselor. They are guided and helped to develop the communication skill so that they can make their place in the society. They are also provided with chances to interact with the society. In this way they can realize their problem and after treatment they remain solid to their stand of no drug use.

Rehabilitation without medication

Along with other positive features, one of the most important and the notable aspect is the treatment of addicts without medication. By the use of drugs and alcohols, the body starts losing the necessary vitamins and nutrition. This causes the weakness and results in muscular cramps and pain. The addicts are provided with nutritious food and vitamin supplements. The treatment is planned in such a way that the addicts are provided with a number of engaging activities so that they can enjoy the fruit of healthy life. Activities like exercise, sports, swimming, hiking and picnic parties are the integral part of Narconon fresh Start.

Enhancement courses

Narconon Fresh Start also offers various enhancement courses to the clients with a view to sharpen their personal skills and aptitude that suffer a lot being addict substance use. The courses focus the clients’ academic skills, ethical values, and also let them to admit their good and bad qualities without any hesitation and guilt. This leads them to rebuild themselves and take a fresh start in life.

Narconon fresh start reviews gives a comprehensive plan to treat the addicts and alcoholics. The plan covers all the aspects of rules of healthy life style. They are guided by the supervisor, helped by their loved ones and also assist by the society in order to overcome their problem.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Steady Rehabilitation

Narconon Fresh Start is a rehab program based on the rehab philosophy of Narconon group. It employs cognitive behavioral modification therapy and different life skills courses to mould the lives of addicts into normal and productive human beings. The program is not an overnight magic formula that makes you give up drugs rather it is a life shaping program that changes the whole life of the clients.

Clients are treated as students

First distinguishing feature of the program is that it does not treat the individuals as patients rather as students who pass out of the rehab program as graduates. This humanistic treatment of the drugs addicted people helps them join the program fully and devotedly. Secondly, the effect of such treatment is that they are not given any alternative drugs to leave the narcotics.

A Successful Rehab Program

Narconon Fresh Start is a successful program that helps rehab the drug addictive people with maximum results. It has a documented success rate of 76 % of real recovery. We have a proven history of success spanning around 45 years. The program is composed of sequence based segments which are fashioned in step-by-step arrangement. Though the path to recovery is hard but it can be traversed successfully with our guidance and your commitment.

Our Rehab Philosophy

The rehab philosophy of ours is based on the confrontation model and not the disease model. Disease model dictates that the patient will remain with the disease and only will get used to it throughout his life. By confronting the disease, the clients try to find various behaviors and reasons behind their addiction and try to find a solution for them. The individuals come to us as addicts but leave out as graduates.

Program Overview

The program hours are 24 and it is not time based program but is a sequence based program in which different life skills programs are arranged in back to back fashion. We prepare the patients for the whole after-rehab life which would be drug free, productive and confident life. The program uses cognitive behavioral model and life skills programs to inculcate in the patients an urge to live a confident and independent life.

Relief from Cravings

Although Narconon Fresh Start is not a drug-based method, yet it has solutions to save the patients from the cravings for drug or alcohol in their life. Detoxification techniques of sauna are used to excrete out the residual matter from the body of the patient. As long as the residuals are present in the body, the cravings remain alive in the person. After being free from these compulsions, the patient is to be prepared for the mental disorders and other repair and maintenance of the life.

The various courses and activities are included in the program. They make the bigger part of life skills courses. These courses repair various parts and aspects of your life. They make the patients perfect and productive individuals after their recovery from the drugs in a proper manner. This program is the most effective program for rehabilitation.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Motto of Narconon Rehab Program

"Practical Betterment" - A Motto of Narconon Rehab Program

Narconon Fresh Start program, since its beginning, has revolutionized the lives of so many people dependent or used to drug or alcohol. The program is hosted at Sunshine Summit Lodge which is a great place to start the life all over again. The serene and calm surroundings, as well as the healthy environment of the lodge make it an incredible choice for drug addicts’ families. It is one of the many reasons why thousands of clients want to join Narconon Fresh Start program. The program aims at an overall improvement of the clients instead of only healing them physically. The clients are gradually encouraged to take interest in practical life and resume it with confidence abandoning reliance on drugs. L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy of “practical betterment” is the motto of Narconon and the basic principle of its drug rehab program.

1. Personal Values and Integrity Course

The personal values and integrity course conducted at Sunshine Summit Lodge is an excellent way of preparing the individuals for social life. The course provides its students with excellent quality data to improve their survival potential. The students are provided with eight dynamics to survive in the society in a better way. It gives them much needed knowledge regarding the personal ethics and role of integrity in life success. The course also teaches the students what contra-survival personal behaviors should be avoided so that harmful past scenarios are not repeated.

2. Changing the Life Conditions Course

This course provides the students with an exact and step wise process based technology to improve the life in general. The ethics technology is developed by L. Ron Hubbard and consists of all the techniques to cover the improvements in life. The course also teaches students how to repair the negative and bad habits so that previously occurring adverse life situations are avoided and countered. The technology applied is well recognized for its remarkable results and improves the life situations of people with all mental levels.

3. The Way of Happiness Course

The course guides the students about ways leading to a contented and happy life that does not contain traces of dissatisfaction. The students are taught to be happy and contented in all life situations and while continuing to strive for betterment, they should not let go the hope factor. It is an important message as many of the drug addicts fall into this habit due to the discontentment of life and also from as a fallout of failures. The course produces positive results as it is reported in various case studies conducted on Narconon Fresh Start graduates.

4. Ups and Downs in Life Course

The course gives the students an ability to handle the life situations and to stand bravely in all scenarios. The students learn the importance of taking right decision at the right time, and after careful analysis of the related scenarios. The course is remarkably producing excellent results in making Narconon Fresh Start Reviews graduates less vulnerable to drugs and alcohol temptations in their rehabilitated lives. Narconon promises its clients a solid recovery from life of addiction. It imparts them a spirit to fight with life courageously and give no place to drugs in relaxing their depressions.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A Unique Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a remarkable center of drug rehabilitation and helps a number of drug and alcohol addicts in returning to normal life. The center runs the Narconon Fresh Start program that is globally recognized and known for its excellent results. The rehab program not only rehabilitates the addicts but also takes measures to prevent the youth from succumbing into this bad habit. Here is the overview of the therapy conducted in the program.


Narconon Fresh Start is a world renowned drug rehabilitation facility that focuses its attention on the cognitive behavioral therapy and drug free treatment provided in a holistic manner. The program consists of excellent food as a remedy section where the nutritious food, fitness clubs, food and diet supplements, and healthy diet play a key role in detoxifying a drug addict. The fitness clubs and exercise centers are equipped with all machines and exercising equipment necessary to provide physical fitness. Moreover, the sports tools, courses for education life skills, and various other personal betterment courses are introduced to help these individuals at all levels. Narconon Fresh Start is a frontrunner in its fight against alcohol and drug addiction, which is quickly damaging the society. Reportedly, each 7 out of 10 graduates from the Narconon program are leading healthy, contented and successful lives. The program has not only improved their life but has also guided them to be better citizens and humans for their society.

Detoxification Plan

Narconon program facilities its customers with all the essentials to acquire quick treatment and recovery. The detoxification plan and process harmlessly removes the physical cravings and various pains from the drug addicts’ body. The major portion of detoxification plan does not involve the usage of salts and chemicals but depends on less side affect oriented food plans. The vitamins and supplements are provided as healthy balanced diet to the drug addicts.

Behavioral modification

The therapy provides a good way of improving the humans involved in drug addiction. Cognitive behavioral modification is a really important and much needed part of the program due to its high effectiveness. In the program, the behavior and responses of addicts is taken into consideration by the program supervisors and doctors overlooking the process. The patients are repeatedly motivated and educate in various ways to induct the idea that they should not consume drugs and alcohol ever again. The training serves as integral part of the program and significantly improves the individual’s mentality in the long run. The counseling and behavior therapy of addicts is carried out by the continuous monitoring on an everyday basis.


The drug rehabilitation process seeks to improve the drug addicts’ lives and continuously aims at their physical detoxification process. The drug addicts are also provided with the knowledge, ethical and moral education to overcome their desire for drugs. The addicts are taught to take life as a challenge and enjoy it to the fullest. The value of life is realized by the Narconon Fresh Start  graduates afterwards who learn to fight with the life challenges without taking the shadow of drugs.