Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Motto of Narconon Rehab Program

"Practical Betterment" - A Motto of Narconon Rehab Program

Narconon Fresh Start program, since its beginning, has revolutionized the lives of so many people dependent or used to drug or alcohol. The program is hosted at Sunshine Summit Lodge which is a great place to start the life all over again. The serene and calm surroundings, as well as the healthy environment of the lodge make it an incredible choice for drug addicts’ families. It is one of the many reasons why thousands of clients want to join Narconon Fresh Start program. The program aims at an overall improvement of the clients instead of only healing them physically. The clients are gradually encouraged to take interest in practical life and resume it with confidence abandoning reliance on drugs. L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy of “practical betterment” is the motto of Narconon and the basic principle of its drug rehab program.

1. Personal Values and Integrity Course

The personal values and integrity course conducted at Sunshine Summit Lodge is an excellent way of preparing the individuals for social life. The course provides its students with excellent quality data to improve their survival potential. The students are provided with eight dynamics to survive in the society in a better way. It gives them much needed knowledge regarding the personal ethics and role of integrity in life success. The course also teaches the students what contra-survival personal behaviors should be avoided so that harmful past scenarios are not repeated.

2. Changing the Life Conditions Course

This course provides the students with an exact and step wise process based technology to improve the life in general. The ethics technology is developed by L. Ron Hubbard and consists of all the techniques to cover the improvements in life. The course also teaches students how to repair the negative and bad habits so that previously occurring adverse life situations are avoided and countered. The technology applied is well recognized for its remarkable results and improves the life situations of people with all mental levels.

3. The Way of Happiness Course

The course guides the students about ways leading to a contented and happy life that does not contain traces of dissatisfaction. The students are taught to be happy and contented in all life situations and while continuing to strive for betterment, they should not let go the hope factor. It is an important message as many of the drug addicts fall into this habit due to the discontentment of life and also from as a fallout of failures. The course produces positive results as it is reported in various case studies conducted on Narconon Fresh Start graduates.

4. Ups and Downs in Life Course

The course gives the students an ability to handle the life situations and to stand bravely in all scenarios. The students learn the importance of taking right decision at the right time, and after careful analysis of the related scenarios. The course is remarkably producing excellent results in making Narconon Fresh Start Reviews graduates less vulnerable to drugs and alcohol temptations in their rehabilitated lives. Narconon promises its clients a solid recovery from life of addiction. It imparts them a spirit to fight with life courageously and give no place to drugs in relaxing their depressions.

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