Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Steady Rehabilitation

Narconon Fresh Start is a rehab program based on the rehab philosophy of Narconon group. It employs cognitive behavioral modification therapy and different life skills courses to mould the lives of addicts into normal and productive human beings. The program is not an overnight magic formula that makes you give up drugs rather it is a life shaping program that changes the whole life of the clients.

Clients are treated as students

First distinguishing feature of the program is that it does not treat the individuals as patients rather as students who pass out of the rehab program as graduates. This humanistic treatment of the drugs addicted people helps them join the program fully and devotedly. Secondly, the effect of such treatment is that they are not given any alternative drugs to leave the narcotics.

A Successful Rehab Program

Narconon Fresh Start is a successful program that helps rehab the drug addictive people with maximum results. It has a documented success rate of 76 % of real recovery. We have a proven history of success spanning around 45 years. The program is composed of sequence based segments which are fashioned in step-by-step arrangement. Though the path to recovery is hard but it can be traversed successfully with our guidance and your commitment.

Our Rehab Philosophy

The rehab philosophy of ours is based on the confrontation model and not the disease model. Disease model dictates that the patient will remain with the disease and only will get used to it throughout his life. By confronting the disease, the clients try to find various behaviors and reasons behind their addiction and try to find a solution for them. The individuals come to us as addicts but leave out as graduates.

Program Overview

The program hours are 24 and it is not time based program but is a sequence based program in which different life skills programs are arranged in back to back fashion. We prepare the patients for the whole after-rehab life which would be drug free, productive and confident life. The program uses cognitive behavioral model and life skills programs to inculcate in the patients an urge to live a confident and independent life.

Relief from Cravings

Although Narconon Fresh Start is not a drug-based method, yet it has solutions to save the patients from the cravings for drug or alcohol in their life. Detoxification techniques of sauna are used to excrete out the residual matter from the body of the patient. As long as the residuals are present in the body, the cravings remain alive in the person. After being free from these compulsions, the patient is to be prepared for the mental disorders and other repair and maintenance of the life.

The various courses and activities are included in the program. They make the bigger part of life skills courses. These courses repair various parts and aspects of your life. They make the patients perfect and productive individuals after their recovery from the drugs in a proper manner. This program is the most effective program for rehabilitation.

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