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Drug Rehab Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit

Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit

Addiction of drugs and alcohols cause lack of communication and inability of the mind towards the life and life terms. Drug rehabilitation through meditation and counseling is the symbol of all rehabilitation centers of Norconon & Norconon Fresh Start at Sunshine Summit Lodge is a marvelous place for the addicts who want to take a fresh start of their life. According to Narconon Fresh Start Review, Norconon program was first established in 1966 and since that time, it is flourishing day by day due to its effective rehab programs and successful cases.

Innovative and effective approach

The treatment procedure and counseling in Norconon Fresh Start is systematic and manual.  Special and personal assistance build confidence in patients and motivates their behavior. Drug free detoxification is not the only treatment; patients also require mental and spiritual therapy as well to stop them from going back to the drugs/addiction.

Rehabilitative Methodology of Sunshine summit

Norconon Sunshine Summit Lodge implemented the rehabilitative therapies in residential settings with soothing environment. Along with the drug free detoxification, physical exercises, sauna practices and nutritional supplements are an essential part of the rehab programs. Educational orientation consists of 8-9 module courses in a standardized format and participants are continuously monitored by the team supervisors during each course. After successful completion of rehabilitation programs, participants are entertained with after care services at Sunshine Summit. The treated patients are frequently monitored, so that they do not indulge again in the addiction behavior.

Inspirational localities

The building of Norconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is located at a beautiful and peaceful environment. Soothing and calm environment help patients to feel relaxed during all the sessions of rehabilitation programs.

The Best Recovery Results 

The recovery from drugs and alcoholism is not that easy and the organizations that are working on drug rehabilitation surely doing miraculous task. Many organizations are working on it and Norconon is one such example of non-profit organization. The programs and healthier activities of Norconon Fresh Start are quite effective rather than typical drug treatment measurements. Some critics say that Norconon Fresh start is just a drama and organization is only claiming money on the name of charity. Their criticism loses credibility because of the 70% success rate of Norconon Fresh start Sunshine Summit rehabilitation programs.


Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit is a drug rehabilitation center that helps the addicted and alcoholic people by detoxifying naturally in an encouraging and supporting environment. Motivational and healthier activities supervised by eminent staff are the key components of all rehabilitation programs of Norconon Fresh Start Reviews. Addiction rehabilitation with the New Life Detoxification program and Life Skills courses guarantee 76% rehabilitation at Narconon Sunshine Lodge. Such a remarkable restoration result is unmatched with any other rehab program in the world.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

The roots of Narconon rehabilitation program lie in the fact that the alcohol addicts have the ability to restore to their healthy lives. This can be achieved with the help of different therapies and facilities provided to the addicts at Narconon rehab facility. For their treatment, the Narconon clients have to go through the physical, educational spiritual training which enhances their self-confidence and make them able to realize that they can become good and responsible citizens.

Narconon’s Educational Programs for Rehabilitations

In case of drug rehabilitation, the addicts must be encouraged to lead a normal and fully contended life. Narconon’s experts are successful in diverting the attention of their clients to normal routine of life. In Sunshine Summit Lodge, alcoholics and other addicts are treated with the aid of different educational programs. The program is termed as Narconon Fresh Start rehab program and it works on two different dimensions. On the one side, the program deals with the physical treatment. On the other side it deals with the mental or psychological treatment. By following the Fresh Start rehab program, Narconon has gained the success rate of 76% in 45 years by maintaining their standards.

Narconon’s Facilities for Rehabilitation

During rehabilitation process, the patients feel muscular cramps and pains. This is because of the residues of the drug and alcohol that remain inside the body fat cells. When the patient put strain over the nerves, these residues come out and cause the cramps and pains and have usually a bad psychological effect on the patient. For a perfect cure, a comprehensive treatment is required and Narconon makes sure it.

Life Detoxification Program

It is basically a therapy that speeds up the natural body functions in which the extra metabolites and residues are removed from the cells. At Narconon alcohol rehabilitation facility, this therapy is offered to the patients on priority basis. After this therapy the patient is ready for physical and mental treatment. 

Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy

In this therapy different psychological treatments and counseling techniques are utilized in order to make the addicts to enhance their ability of self-realization of their responsibilities toward the society and their selves. This practice helps them to rebuild their personality and good behavior. This therapy restores the patients’ self-confidence and ability to generate a healthy attitude towards life.

Social Interaction

At Narconon alcohol rehabilitation facility, social interactions are considered to play an important role in bringing the addict towards the normal life. These activities are proved to be too healthy for the personality building approach. The patients have almost all the facilities of routine life. They can enjoy swimming, sports, jogging, trips and football matches. The medical and legal services are also provided to the alcoholics and addicts. These services include the routine checkup of patients other than that required for drug rehabilitation. The services also include the aid in legal services like court issues, fees and trials.


For the rehabilitation of drugs and alcohol addicts, Narconon alcohol rehabilitation facility offers different facilities to the patients. They prove to be healthy, supportive and encouraging for a successful restoration from alcohol addiction. The brilliant record of Narconon’s rehab program with 76% success rate is appreciated round the globe.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction Treatment Center

The most perfect location for addicts and alcoholics with a therapeutic, remedial and restorative environment can be found at one of the most eminent Narconon drug rehabilitation center known as Sunshine Summit Lodge. Situated near the famous Warner Hot Springs, the lodge is capacious and fully equipped rehab center. The program aims at physical, mental and spiritual restoration of the people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Best Endeavors for Excellent Rehab Results

During the recovery process, the thorniest endeavor of an addict’s life is to make every effort to his or her full potential to get relieved of abusive drug and alcoholic life. Keeping in view such circumstances, the devoted and expert staff at Narconon program employs its best efforts to facilitate their clients and to take effective measures that play a critical part in carrying out the client’s revival.

Chief Components of the Rehab Program

The drug rehabilitation and prevention program is divided into many stages. The Narconon program at Sunshine Summit Lodge is well-planned and well-structured and is carried out in subsequent steps to obtain the best optimal output in terms of clients’ recovery. The placid environment accompanied by recreational activities and educational courses is sure to bring positive results.

Narconon’s Life Detoxification Program

In order to accomplish true rehabilitation, firstly the client is passed through the life detoxification program (Sauna Detox Therapy). The key objective of this program is to remove the physical disturbance that is caused by the drug residuals. Proper treatment and medication speeds up the body’s natural elimination process removing these metabolites. Once free from the drug residuals the participant is ready to go for the next stage that involves addressing the psychological treatment.

Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy

The next stage involves cognitive behavior modification therapy in which the participants are bound to make realize their behavior and conduct. This phase is carried out under the joint collaboration of case supervisors and counselors which enable participants become self determined by modifying their attitudes towards life matters. The program focuses on integrity and responsibility for one’s own actions. Through this program the participants learn a lot which is helpful for them throughout their life.


Through the application of various life skills programs, the participants learn how to interact with other people in their surrounding to build constructive relationships with them. The participants learn how to handle problems and finally find solutions. The participant’s progress is examined by their course supervisors to ensure that their individual program needs are met effectively.  The true recovery from drug is no doubt difficult, but with the proper guidance, supervision and direction at Narconon fresh start, the drug free life can be regained. The contribution of Sunshine Summit Lodge is far above than that of other places for drugs rehabilitation.

Non-profit Rehabilitation Centers

Non-profit Rehabilitation Centers
The use of drugs is one of the most important social evils that are rampant in many parts of the world. Along with the governments, nonprofit organizations are also working to eradicate drugs from society. Drug addiction causes anger and disorder in society therefore people need awareness in this regard to save their lives. For this purpose many rehabilitation centers are established to restore people to their normal lives. Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of them, which takes the responsibility for the rehabilitation of affected people. It also gives awareness to the people, especially to youth to abstain from alcohol and narcotics. Sunshine is appreciated for its remarkable results all over the world.

How does Sunshine operate?

Located at San Diego, Sunshine aims people’s betterment as a nonprofit organization. The main objective is to prevent and protect people from drugs and save their lives and get them back to their healthy and positive routine of life.

Sunshine Summit Lodge does not conduct its rehab program applying traditional method of treatment. It does not consider the addicted persons as patients but as students. The physicians do not treat the people at Sunshine in group as done at the various rehabilitation centers. Every patient is treated individually according to his problems that vary usually from patient to patient. The professionals working at the lodge are highly trained and skilled. Sunshine also conducts online seminars and programs to help prevention from drugs and alcohol use.

Meditation – the Vital Part of Sunshine Rehab Program

Sunshine Summit Lodge uses meditation as a tool because it is the technique that helps the victim to come over his habit of addiction. It enables the person to assess himself and find positive points in him. The students at Sunshine soon begin to realize that drug addiction is not the path way to get rid of worries. In the process of meditation the addicts learn to apply their willpower to control urge for drugs. 

Healthy Recreational Activities

The Narconon Fresh Start reviews experts involve their clients in healthy recreational activities that help them divert their attention from drugs and also provide them physical strength. In this regard games, social interaction and trips to surrounding areas are arranged. A keen attention is given on the diet of the clients also. The experts think that physical strength is necessary to combat drug addiction.


Sunshine Lodge is rated as one of the best rehabilitation centers that work in an excellent way applying new techniques to get rid of drugs and alcohol addiction. It does not only depend on the physical assessment and medication of the drugs addicts but also provides useful mental exercises to its clients. It conducts seminars to provide awareness regarding the harms of drug addiction for the welfare of the general public. With its outstanding results, Sunshine stands as a prominent place to help people fight against drugs.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What Actually Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is a unique place for drug rehabilitation. With a step by step process patients are encouraged to come back to their normal lives. The first and the most difficult step of rehabilitation is drug withdrawal. After this difficult step the rehabilitation process becomes easier. The reliability of Narconon program can be known with Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. These reviews form a good source of information regarding the performance and efficacy of professionals working at Sunshine.

What Actually Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is?

It is a place for true rehabilitation for all kinds of drug addicts. Drug addiction is a serious threat to world in this era as the number of drug addicts are increasing with each passing day. In this situation an institute like Narconon Sunshine is doing a worthwhile job. Narconon is a word means “no drugs” which is the prime objective of Narconon as an organization. The patients are individually treated according to their situations. There are no set patterns of rehabilitation applied on all patients. In fact individual care is given much more importance and it is widely appreciated in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews.       

What are Narconon Fresh Start Reviews?

Narconon reviews are the assessments of those people who know about the rehab program in one way or the other. Either their children or friends graduated from Narconon or they themselves went through the rehab process. These reviews are very helpful for a person who wants to decide that whether to choose Sunshine Summit Lodge or any other rehab for recovery from drugs. It is a place where every individual can find a way out from their addicted lives.

Rehabilitation Program and its Various Aspects

The process of rehabilitation varies according to the demand and requirement of patients. The overall procedure for rehabilitation consists of some basic procedures. First of all patients are encouraged to feel confident and then to accept the basic reasons of their present condition. After that with the help of different cognitive treatments they are convinced to agree for drug rehabilitation. After that a complete removal of drug metabolites is done with the help of specific medication. This will greatly help in the withdrawal of drugs for patients. After this stage drug rehabilitation becomes easier. Consequently the mental and physical development of the patient starts and then finally they restore to normal life and are called Narconon Sunshine Summit graduates.


Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge provides true guidance and help to all kinds of drug addicts. With the help of technically designed effective training programs patients are treated better than any other rehab center. The most appreciative quality of Narconon Fresh Start program widely discussed in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews is the way they treat their patients. Medication is not an important part of their rehabilitation process in fact the primary importance is given to the cognitive development of patients.