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Drug Rehab Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit

Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit

Addiction of drugs and alcohols cause lack of communication and inability of the mind towards the life and life terms. Drug rehabilitation through meditation and counseling is the symbol of all rehabilitation centers of Norconon & Norconon Fresh Start at Sunshine Summit Lodge is a marvelous place for the addicts who want to take a fresh start of their life. According to Narconon Fresh Start Review, Norconon program was first established in 1966 and since that time, it is flourishing day by day due to its effective rehab programs and successful cases.

Innovative and effective approach

The treatment procedure and counseling in Norconon Fresh Start is systematic and manual.  Special and personal assistance build confidence in patients and motivates their behavior. Drug free detoxification is not the only treatment; patients also require mental and spiritual therapy as well to stop them from going back to the drugs/addiction.

Rehabilitative Methodology of Sunshine summit

Norconon Sunshine Summit Lodge implemented the rehabilitative therapies in residential settings with soothing environment. Along with the drug free detoxification, physical exercises, sauna practices and nutritional supplements are an essential part of the rehab programs. Educational orientation consists of 8-9 module courses in a standardized format and participants are continuously monitored by the team supervisors during each course. After successful completion of rehabilitation programs, participants are entertained with after care services at Sunshine Summit. The treated patients are frequently monitored, so that they do not indulge again in the addiction behavior.

Inspirational localities

The building of Norconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is located at a beautiful and peaceful environment. Soothing and calm environment help patients to feel relaxed during all the sessions of rehabilitation programs.

The Best Recovery Results 

The recovery from drugs and alcoholism is not that easy and the organizations that are working on drug rehabilitation surely doing miraculous task. Many organizations are working on it and Norconon is one such example of non-profit organization. The programs and healthier activities of Norconon Fresh Start are quite effective rather than typical drug treatment measurements. Some critics say that Norconon Fresh start is just a drama and organization is only claiming money on the name of charity. Their criticism loses credibility because of the 70% success rate of Norconon Fresh start Sunshine Summit rehabilitation programs.


Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit is a drug rehabilitation center that helps the addicted and alcoholic people by detoxifying naturally in an encouraging and supporting environment. Motivational and healthier activities supervised by eminent staff are the key components of all rehabilitation programs of Norconon Fresh Start Reviews. Addiction rehabilitation with the New Life Detoxification program and Life Skills courses guarantee 76% rehabilitation at Narconon Sunshine Lodge. Such a remarkable restoration result is unmatched with any other rehab program in the world.

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