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Non-profit Rehabilitation Centers

Non-profit Rehabilitation Centers
The use of drugs is one of the most important social evils that are rampant in many parts of the world. Along with the governments, nonprofit organizations are also working to eradicate drugs from society. Drug addiction causes anger and disorder in society therefore people need awareness in this regard to save their lives. For this purpose many rehabilitation centers are established to restore people to their normal lives. Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of them, which takes the responsibility for the rehabilitation of affected people. It also gives awareness to the people, especially to youth to abstain from alcohol and narcotics. Sunshine is appreciated for its remarkable results all over the world.

How does Sunshine operate?

Located at San Diego, Sunshine aims people’s betterment as a nonprofit organization. The main objective is to prevent and protect people from drugs and save their lives and get them back to their healthy and positive routine of life.

Sunshine Summit Lodge does not conduct its rehab program applying traditional method of treatment. It does not consider the addicted persons as patients but as students. The physicians do not treat the people at Sunshine in group as done at the various rehabilitation centers. Every patient is treated individually according to his problems that vary usually from patient to patient. The professionals working at the lodge are highly trained and skilled. Sunshine also conducts online seminars and programs to help prevention from drugs and alcohol use.

Meditation – the Vital Part of Sunshine Rehab Program

Sunshine Summit Lodge uses meditation as a tool because it is the technique that helps the victim to come over his habit of addiction. It enables the person to assess himself and find positive points in him. The students at Sunshine soon begin to realize that drug addiction is not the path way to get rid of worries. In the process of meditation the addicts learn to apply their willpower to control urge for drugs. 

Healthy Recreational Activities

The Narconon Fresh Start reviews experts involve their clients in healthy recreational activities that help them divert their attention from drugs and also provide them physical strength. In this regard games, social interaction and trips to surrounding areas are arranged. A keen attention is given on the diet of the clients also. The experts think that physical strength is necessary to combat drug addiction.


Sunshine Lodge is rated as one of the best rehabilitation centers that work in an excellent way applying new techniques to get rid of drugs and alcohol addiction. It does not only depend on the physical assessment and medication of the drugs addicts but also provides useful mental exercises to its clients. It conducts seminars to provide awareness regarding the harms of drug addiction for the welfare of the general public. With its outstanding results, Sunshine stands as a prominent place to help people fight against drugs.

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