Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

The roots of Narconon rehabilitation program lie in the fact that the alcohol addicts have the ability to restore to their healthy lives. This can be achieved with the help of different therapies and facilities provided to the addicts at Narconon rehab facility. For their treatment, the Narconon clients have to go through the physical, educational spiritual training which enhances their self-confidence and make them able to realize that they can become good and responsible citizens.

Narconon’s Educational Programs for Rehabilitations

In case of drug rehabilitation, the addicts must be encouraged to lead a normal and fully contended life. Narconon’s experts are successful in diverting the attention of their clients to normal routine of life. In Sunshine Summit Lodge, alcoholics and other addicts are treated with the aid of different educational programs. The program is termed as Narconon Fresh Start rehab program and it works on two different dimensions. On the one side, the program deals with the physical treatment. On the other side it deals with the mental or psychological treatment. By following the Fresh Start rehab program, Narconon has gained the success rate of 76% in 45 years by maintaining their standards.

Narconon’s Facilities for Rehabilitation

During rehabilitation process, the patients feel muscular cramps and pains. This is because of the residues of the drug and alcohol that remain inside the body fat cells. When the patient put strain over the nerves, these residues come out and cause the cramps and pains and have usually a bad psychological effect on the patient. For a perfect cure, a comprehensive treatment is required and Narconon makes sure it.

Life Detoxification Program

It is basically a therapy that speeds up the natural body functions in which the extra metabolites and residues are removed from the cells. At Narconon alcohol rehabilitation facility, this therapy is offered to the patients on priority basis. After this therapy the patient is ready for physical and mental treatment. 

Cognitive Behavior Modification Therapy

In this therapy different psychological treatments and counseling techniques are utilized in order to make the addicts to enhance their ability of self-realization of their responsibilities toward the society and their selves. This practice helps them to rebuild their personality and good behavior. This therapy restores the patients’ self-confidence and ability to generate a healthy attitude towards life.

Social Interaction

At Narconon alcohol rehabilitation facility, social interactions are considered to play an important role in bringing the addict towards the normal life. These activities are proved to be too healthy for the personality building approach. The patients have almost all the facilities of routine life. They can enjoy swimming, sports, jogging, trips and football matches. The medical and legal services are also provided to the alcoholics and addicts. These services include the routine checkup of patients other than that required for drug rehabilitation. The services also include the aid in legal services like court issues, fees and trials.


For the rehabilitation of drugs and alcohol addicts, Narconon alcohol rehabilitation facility offers different facilities to the patients. They prove to be healthy, supportive and encouraging for a successful restoration from alcohol addiction. The brilliant record of Narconon’s rehab program with 76% success rate is appreciated round the globe.

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