Monday, 3 June 2013

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A Unique Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sunshine Summit Lodge is a remarkable center of drug rehabilitation and helps a number of drug and alcohol addicts in returning to normal life. The center runs the Narconon Fresh Start program that is globally recognized and known for its excellent results. The rehab program not only rehabilitates the addicts but also takes measures to prevent the youth from succumbing into this bad habit. Here is the overview of the therapy conducted in the program.


Narconon Fresh Start is a world renowned drug rehabilitation facility that focuses its attention on the cognitive behavioral therapy and drug free treatment provided in a holistic manner. The program consists of excellent food as a remedy section where the nutritious food, fitness clubs, food and diet supplements, and healthy diet play a key role in detoxifying a drug addict. The fitness clubs and exercise centers are equipped with all machines and exercising equipment necessary to provide physical fitness. Moreover, the sports tools, courses for education life skills, and various other personal betterment courses are introduced to help these individuals at all levels. Narconon Fresh Start is a frontrunner in its fight against alcohol and drug addiction, which is quickly damaging the society. Reportedly, each 7 out of 10 graduates from the Narconon program are leading healthy, contented and successful lives. The program has not only improved their life but has also guided them to be better citizens and humans for their society.

Detoxification Plan

Narconon program facilities its customers with all the essentials to acquire quick treatment and recovery. The detoxification plan and process harmlessly removes the physical cravings and various pains from the drug addicts’ body. The major portion of detoxification plan does not involve the usage of salts and chemicals but depends on less side affect oriented food plans. The vitamins and supplements are provided as healthy balanced diet to the drug addicts.

Behavioral modification

The therapy provides a good way of improving the humans involved in drug addiction. Cognitive behavioral modification is a really important and much needed part of the program due to its high effectiveness. In the program, the behavior and responses of addicts is taken into consideration by the program supervisors and doctors overlooking the process. The patients are repeatedly motivated and educate in various ways to induct the idea that they should not consume drugs and alcohol ever again. The training serves as integral part of the program and significantly improves the individual’s mentality in the long run. The counseling and behavior therapy of addicts is carried out by the continuous monitoring on an everyday basis.


The drug rehabilitation process seeks to improve the drug addicts’ lives and continuously aims at their physical detoxification process. The drug addicts are also provided with the knowledge, ethical and moral education to overcome their desire for drugs. The addicts are taught to take life as a challenge and enjoy it to the fullest. The value of life is realized by the Narconon Fresh Start  graduates afterwards who learn to fight with the life challenges without taking the shadow of drugs.

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