Sunday, 30 June 2013

Drug Rehab, The Savvy Swindler

Once upon a time the sole purpose of rehabilitation centre was to help, straying addicts, get a fresh start. Due to the capitalistic nature of the modern day, and due to the greed of opportunists, this facility has been transformed into an enterprise.

Now the question is; what is the role of an enterprise? An enterprise serves to make profit. An enterprise consists of savvy venture capitalists, which jump on an opportunity to make money. In the process, these venture capitalists swindle the stake holders or investors out of their money. The purpose of a swindler is to scam. So how is it that these health care facilities have transformed into the “savvy swindler?” It’s really simple; almost all drug rehab plans rely on advertising. Where false claims are propagated and fabricated success stories of cures are told by paid actors. This is followed up by ratification of the claims using; farcical statistics and corroborated by charlatan medical practitioners. The next question is; why are they are a scam. Rehab programs are labeled as a scam by virtue of their non specific treatment, inadequate medical facilities, residential facilities, and their false claims.

The above described approach is used to lure patients, who probably have nowhere else to go. This tactic would be fine as long as the method of treatment or the recovery program was authentic, adequate, and was patient specific. Sadly some of these programs deviate from institutionally accredited methods of treatment and have their own controversial recovery programs.  

In most cases these iterating inadequate, so called, recovery programs deteriorate the condition of the addict. The inadequate medical support, their controversial practices, and their redundant methods of treatments; only serve to prolong the recovery of the addict, which incurs a greater cost on the addict. Similarly another approach adopted by rehab programs to swindle people, is the concept of recovering patient. This concept revolves around the idea that a complete cure is not possible, as drug addiction is not similar to other medicinal conditions. This increase in cost is incurred due to more number of tests, longer stay at residential facilities, and longer period of medical consultation. 

However not all hope is lost, there are cost effective rehab programs, which offer treatments with flexible durations. Even before you enroll in their facilities they assess you and analyze your physical, mental and physiological conditions. Only then do programs, like Narconon Fresh Start, suggest a specific treatment method. That may incorporate detox, followed by a holistic treatment coupled with mental cognitive therapy and physical therapy. Narconon Fresh Start has been institutionally accredited and its statistical claims have been verified. Narconon Fresh Start offers a six month money back guarantee. Narconon believes in constantly updating its treatment methods and therefore conducts extensive R & D.

You do not want to be admitted in a facility that treats you longer than necessary. You, also do not want to pay more than what is necessary. Avoid rehab scams, that take advantage of your situation by propagating high sounding phrases. There exists a path to complete recovery, the duration depends on you!

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