Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - A Comprehensive Rehab Program

Narconon Fresh Start program gives the alcoholics and drug addicts a new life. The addicts are not considered here as patients but as students. The different courses taught at Narconon help build a responsible and positive behavior. The addicts are not treated with the medicines rather they are given dietary supplements and vitamins to restore their health and enable them to fight against their urges and compulsions.

A comprehensive program

Narconon Fresh Start is a comprehensive program that follows a compact rehab strategy. It is not a time-bound treatment plan. The program is completed within three to four months time but it may prolong according to state of the clients. Usually the program comprises four steps and has a success rate of 76%. At Narconon rehabilitation center, each of the individual is given special attention. Each of the case is monitored by a case supervisor who observes development in the client’s addictive behavior. The supervisors act also counselors and guide the clients to combat the results of drug withdrawal.

Educational and ethical training

The clients are called as students in the rehabilitation center. They are provided with the educational training comprising of developing good behavior and attaining healthy life style. For a comprehensive treatment, the addicts must have ability to discuss his problem with his counselor. They are guided and helped to develop the communication skill so that they can make their place in the society. They are also provided with chances to interact with the society. In this way they can realize their problem and after treatment they remain solid to their stand of no drug use.

Rehabilitation without medication

Along with other positive features, one of the most important and the notable aspect is the treatment of addicts without medication. By the use of drugs and alcohols, the body starts losing the necessary vitamins and nutrition. This causes the weakness and results in muscular cramps and pain. The addicts are provided with nutritious food and vitamin supplements. The treatment is planned in such a way that the addicts are provided with a number of engaging activities so that they can enjoy the fruit of healthy life. Activities like exercise, sports, swimming, hiking and picnic parties are the integral part of Narconon fresh Start.

Enhancement courses

Narconon Fresh Start also offers various enhancement courses to the clients with a view to sharpen their personal skills and aptitude that suffer a lot being addict substance use. The courses focus the clients’ academic skills, ethical values, and also let them to admit their good and bad qualities without any hesitation and guilt. This leads them to rebuild themselves and take a fresh start in life.

Narconon fresh start reviews gives a comprehensive plan to treat the addicts and alcoholics. The plan covers all the aspects of rules of healthy life style. They are guided by the supervisor, helped by their loved ones and also assist by the society in order to overcome their problem.

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